3 Ways to Get Your Family in the Holiday Spirit

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Family

There is a reason they refer to the holidays as the most wonderful time of the year. The lights, the decorations, and the holiday cheer really do bring the spirit of Christmas into each day. This year make sure your family remembers the reason for the season by making an effort to spread the holiday spirit every chance you can––whether you’re spending time with your family, running through your daily routine, or out serving your community. Here are 3 ways to get your family in the holiday spirit in no time at all.

Create a new tradition

Old traditions give your family a sense of identity and have the power to teach values across generations. This Christmas continue your old family traditions just like you always have, but establish a brand new one. Start a Christmas activity calendar, so each day there is a different activity to do. Bake holiday cookies together, decorate the tree, or hang lights outside. The opportunities are endless. Or maybe just decide from here on out, your family goes ice skating together one night every holiday season.

Embrace small acts of kindness

As you go through your day-to-day schedule, look for ways you can spread the holiday spirit to the people you encounter, and try to do on small act of kindness each day. Bring up your neighbor’s trash cans, pay for coffee for the person in line behind you, or just give up a closer parking spot to the person behind you in a packed parking lot. Whatever you do, be an example for your family, and encourage everyone else to do one small act of kindness each day for someone different in their life.

Give back to your community

Embrace the true spirit of the season by taking the time as a family to spread holiday cheer within the community. Donate blankets to a local homeless shelter. Drop holiday treats off at an assisted living community. Or volunteer your time as a family to decorate a hospital this holiday season. Do whatever it is your heart calls you to do to spread holiday cheer throughout your community. In doing so, together you family will remind those around you what the holidays are really all about.

Make this holiday season extra special with these 3 ways to get your family into the holiday spirit in no time at all.