Three Signs That You’re Growing As A Person

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Life Coaching

Am I actually making progress? Sometimes we get caught going through the motions, and we forget to check in to ensure that we are developing and evolving. Whether in life or in business, it’s essential that you take a good look at your daily actions so that you continue progressing and growing as a person. 

In fact, we want to share three signs that indicate you’re on track to becoming the best version of yourself, so keep on reading. 

What does “growing as a person” mean? 

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Growth is important in all aspects of life. As humans, we’re aging, and we watch as the world around us does the same. Change is a guarantee, so don’t we want to ensure that we change for the better? 

When you have big dreams and goals, growing as a person is a requirement. You will need to learn new skills, develop a stronger mindset, and constantly step outside of your comfort zone. 

But how do we know that we are making progress? 

Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Know if You’re Growing as a Person 

Self-evaluation is a crucial skill to learn on the road to success. In order to recognize the signs of progression—in any area of life—it’s easier to ask ourselves a few questions so that we can assess how we’re doing. 

And we really do mean every area of your life! Apply these questions to your parenting, physical health, mental health, marriage, business, etc. The list goes on! 

Check out these three questions and take some time for a little self-reflection today. 

Question 1: Do I have new problems? 

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If you’re not experiencing new problems, then you probably aren’t growing as a person. New problems mean that you’re learning the necessary skills and implementing them in order to “graduate” to new problems. It means you are changing and rising to a new level and set of challenges. 

This is part of a growth mindset. “What’s that” you ask? According to Harvard Business Review (and Carol Dweck who coined the phrase), “Individuals who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset.” 

When you’re focused on what you can achieve, rather than what feels out of reach, you’ll welcome trials … and you’ll conquer them. 

Which leads us to our next question. 

Question 2: Am I seeing failure as a shot to my identity or an opportunity to grow?

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It’s important that we understand the process of failure. Anything that we eventually get good at takes repetition. We know we will be bad at a new skill at first, so why do we beat ourselves up over failures that are inevitable? 

When we accept that failure is a part of our journey and welcome it with open arms as a learning opportunity, it won’t feel like a shot to our identity. 

So, remember that as you do something again and again until you master it, even if it’s uncomfortable, you’re growing as a person. 

Question 3: Am I applying the information I’ve gathered? 

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There is no shortage of information out there. If you want to learn a new skill, there’s sure to be a book, podcast, course, YouTube™ video, or blog to help you.  

But here’s a truth bomb for you … exposure to information is not learning. Putting that knowledge into practice is! Action is the key here.  

Another question you can ask yourself is, “am I moving in the direction of my goals by applying what I’ve learned?” If your new skillset is merely sitting in a notebook on your desk, you won’t see progress. 

Have grace and keep growing. 

Learning how to “grow as a person” is a skill too! So, give yourself grace as you navigate this journey. As we mentioned, learning is about action! We challenge you to sit down and reflect on these questions at least once a month. Make it a habit to evaluate and ensure that you’re making your way to your dream life. 

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