How to Simplify Christmas for Kids (and Yourself!) 

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Family, Parenting

It’s that time of year again! Snowball fights, Christmas lights, and every magical thing in between. It really is a special time. Along with this season, though, also comes events, lists, and stress. But we’ve got news for you—oftentimes WE are the ones creating stress for ourselves during this season! So, we want to share ways that we simplify Christmas to enjoy family, make memories, and celebrate the reason we love Christmas so much. 

Here are three ways to simplify Christmas this year. It’s just around the corner!

Don’t Create Stress 

Baked and decorated gingerbread man cookies all sit in a mug along with a candy cane.

The key to not stressing during the holidays is to … not stress! You have much more control over the Christmas season than you think. If you find yourself approaching the end of November with a mile long list of things to do and presents to buy, you’re likely creating the stress of this season.  

You get to decide how this Christmas goes for you and your family, and you can start by creating healthy boundaries! 

Create Healthy Boundaries 

A Christmas figurine collection sets a scene of a dad tying a tree on top of a red car with two kids nearby. Christmas trees and a “Christmas Tree” store are in the background.

You have the power to say, “no.” Overcommitting yourself is what creates the stress, so create healthy boundaries this season by under committing. We believe that the Christmas season exists for one reason: to celebrate Jesus! So, whether your faith aligns with ours or not, we can all agree that this should be a time to slow down, create memories, and focus on time with family. 

As you begin to receive events to RSVP to, bake sales to sign up for, and white elephant exchange parties to attend, take a moment to evaluate the importance of these events. Do they align with your goals for this season? Will they take away precious time from your family and loved ones? Will it add or subtract to the memories you want to make?  

And we haven’t even started on all of the PRESENTS! We have a solution for you here. 

Simplify Christmas by Simplifying Presents 

A Christmas present is wrapped with wrapping paper that has pink flamingos on it. The flamingos have presents on their backs and Santa hats on their heads.

One of the biggest holiday stressors is Christmas shopping! 

We learned a hack that helps us simplify Christmas every year! If Christmas shopping feels overwhelming from year to year, try the “Want, Need, Wear, Read” Christmas gift method for your kids. Not only does this help you stay on budget, but it removes Christmas decision fatigue

Here’s how this gifting method works: 

  • Something you want: For each member of your family, get them one thing they want. These are the items that are on everyone’s wish lists for this year! Pick one item and gift them something they’ve been waiting for! 
  • Something you need: This is an opportunity to get something for your kiddos that they need. Here’s where you can surprise them with big ticket items like new luggage for traveling, a laptop for school, or a new bedding set! This category can still be fun if you get creative! 
  • Something you wear: The next gift will be something your child can wear. This can include a full outfit, a nice pair of shoes, or a nice new winter jacket. 
  • Something you read: Lastly is a fun book for everyone! Make sure they include some books on their Christmas list for you to choose from.  

This method helps everyone manage expectations, and best of all, lessens your mental load leaving space for more important things.  

Enjoy the Season and Make Memories 

See? Christmas doesn’t have to (and absolutely shouldn’t) be a stressful time of year. Enter it with intention and implement the tips above to simplify Christmas!  

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