The Secret to Making Affirmations Work 

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Life Coaching

Shhhh … we’ve got a secret for you. The magic ingredient to making affirmations work is YOU. There’s nothing wrong with kickstarting your motivation with a few “I am” statements or inspirational quotes, but the purpose of this blog is to caution you against believing that’s all there is to it.  

So, what’s the secret to making affirmations work? It’s ACTION. Let’s talk more about it. 

Do Affirmations Work? 

The question to ask yourself here is “HOW do affirmations work?” Because if you’re expecting affirmations to help you reach your goals, then you’re being misled in how they actually work. However, a 2018 study has shown that affirmations help you “cope with uncertainty and improve your self-worth.”  

So, positive self-talk is certainly a way to reframe your thinking and help you to dispel negative thoughts before they wreak havoc on your mindset. Head to this article for a list of helpful positive affirmations to try. See what works for you and go with it. 

The Secret to Making Affirmations Work 

When it comes to reaching goals and doing the work, you are the secret to making affirmations work! But here are three practice tips to follow up positive self-talk with forward movement. 

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1) Reflection 

When you need to get motivated, quotes around your mirror won’t actually get the job done. Instead of exclusively relying on affirmations, use reflection and meditation as a tool to inspire action. Here are examples of what we mean: 

  • Remember your “why.” Let it act as the catalyst for inspiration and motivation! 
  • Reflect on your successes in order to affirm your capabilities and belief in yourself. 
  • Consider your setbacks only to learn from them so that you come out stronger on the other end.  

Self-reflection is crucial in not only motivating you but helping you learn from your past and move forward with confidence. 

2) Action 

Personally, when we’re feeling down, we don’t pump ourselves up with words. Words are important and have power, but it’s not motivation that precedes action. It’s the other way around! Action actually propels motivation! So, if you really need to find a way to inspire yourself, make a plan and put it into action. 

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3) Discipline 

On a similar token, the last step to making affirmations work is to follow through on what you say you’re going to do. When you use affirmations as a tool to motivate you without the follow through, your words and actions are at odds with each other. That tension will create guilt and shame, and that certainly doesn’t help with motivation! 

You Are the Secret! 

As you’ve probably gathered, the secret to making affirmations work is YOU! You have control over your mindset, your growth, and your forward momentum.  

You even have control over your limitations – it’s all about mindset and attitude. When I, Marcie, went through cancer, I didn’t worry about what could go wrong. I simply focused on healing. Head to our blog, “Why Pushing Past Your Limits is Important,,” for more on how to not box yourself into self-limiting beliefs.