Faith and Philanthropy

The foundation of everything the Whalens do—philanthropically and otherwise—is rooted in their faith in Christ. Dean and Marcie firmly believe that the point of life is to point to Him. While they certainly fall short in many areas from time to time, they start each day with serving God and His people in mind.

One of the things that frustrated Marcie most about her former career was that she saw so much need in the children she worked with, but she had so little power to do anything about it.

From a young age, Marcie has had a passion and desire to help those that are vulnerable, particularly women and children in deep poverty or human trafficking situations. She’s been on a few mission trips in the hopes of making the world a better place.

Dean has also always had a heart for those that are more vulnerable, especially children and animals. As time and resources increased for the Whalens, they were able to fund causes they were passionate about and even take a mission trip together to Africa to meet some of their sponsor children and help start the adoption process. They are very grateful for the opportunity to share with others and model giving to others to their children.

Locally, Dean and Marcie have a Christmas Blessings event they have done for the past 6 years, along with many of the people they mentor, to give locally and internationally to those in need. They financially plan and budget for giving throughout the year to various organizations, as well as to their local church.

While they prefer to keep the remaining details of their giving private, one of the ways they decide how to give is to begin by helping people in their own communities create a better life for themselves by teaching them how to fish, metaphorically. Better yet, they teach them how to teach others to fish, so that the local area is transformed through a ‘hand up,’ not a handout. And then in areas where people simply need a fish to function, they hope to help provide those basic needs while funding organizations that work to create long-term, sustainable solutions to permanently end the devastating cycle of poverty.

Dean and Marcie WhalenFaith and Philanthropy