Dean and Marcie Whalen were fortunate enough to have had significant doors opened for them at the age of 23 that allowed them to plan their lives prior to being married and having kids.

They were able to step into early retirement at the age of 26 and become a full-time husband and wife. They had kids a few years later and were able to give their kids the greatest gift of all, which is the full-time presence of their parents.

Dean and Marcie often say that kids spell love, “T-I-M-E.” Kids gain their values from what they see, and their self-worth is determined by what they hear. Dean and Marcie’s parents’ generation have said that positive values don’t seem to be present in children today in the same way that perhaps they were in previous generation. The Whalens agree, and they believe that this is largely due to the demands on parents today. Parents these days are having to give more outside the home to provide for their family as compared to previous generations.

They believe in helping couples get free, so that they can invest in their marriage and kids. In doing this, they feel that they’re making a positive contribution to being able to right this wrong.

Dean and Marcie have three girls, Charlotte, Isabelle, and Adalee, and are also in the process of adopting internationally.  If Dean and Marcie had not been given the opportunities they were given, they still would have prioritized their children amidst their careers and looked to create a rich family life, as many hard-working families with both parents working across Canada do.

However, they can already see the difference being full-time parents has made on Charlotte, Isabelle, and Adalee when it comes to the sense of security they have in who they are as well as the value system they are developing. Dean and Marcie often say that if values are developed by what kids see and worth is developed by what kids hear, if they were not full-time parents, who would their kids be modeling after?

Furthermore, Dean and Marcie also believe in elements of homeschooling and have fostered that environment early on in their home. They believe that there are positive elements to the public school system as well; however, handing over their children to have their minds trained and developed by others was an option they’ve been able to choose or not choose because they were able to plan and design their life. Dean and Marcie have started to accept international speaking engagements that have also allowed them to take family trips around the world.

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