Dean and Marcie have always valued an active lifestyle, but as they have gotten older, they’ve started to see more and more the importance of being healthy in all aspects of their lives, not just through exercising and being physically fit. Dean and Marcie played sports throughout their childhoods, both going on to play post-secondary basketball.

In fact, when he was younger, Dean was actually preparing to play basketball professionally overseas, but he changed his plans once he saw the doors that could be opened for him and the results that were potentially available.

The incredible work ethic they learned playing high-level athletics and the pursuit of excellence in sports has helped tremendously in their mindset in helping others. They find that being disciplined in healthy eating and exercise spills over into being disciplined in other areas of their lives.

One of their predominant goals in getting healthy has been to be active with their young children as they grow up and to remain active for their eventual grandchildren. They recognize that staying fit and healthy is an integral part of a happy, positive family life. As such, Dean and Marcie try to make great choices in the present moment, so as not to be limited by poor health choices that could negatively impact their future.

Dean and Marcie understand that no one is entitled to anything, including health, but they want to do everything in their control to give the best care to the bodies they’ve been given. They currently love to take their kids swimming and biking—anything to get them outside, active, and engaging with nature.

In addition to playing outside with their kids, Marcie also really enjoys running. She occasionally runs in 10K races, and she once even completed a half-marathon. For his part, Dean derives great enjoyment from intense workouts, such as CrossFit and boxing-style workouts. Because they’re dedicated to staying fit for themselves and for their kids, Dean and Marcie try to work out as regularly as they can. In their spare time, they often enjoy the great outdoors together as they explore their 17-acre property with their kids and their family dog, Pepper.

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