Holistic Freedom

Dean and Marcie both grew up with hard-working parents who provided a modest lifestyle for them and their siblings. Dean recalls being told at an early age to enjoy his youth and his childhood because, “It’s not the same when you become an adult and enter the work world.”

Marcie is very grateful for her upbringing, as she learned how to have a great work ethic from her father and how to serve others through her mother. And while Dean is also thankful for his upbringing and for how hard his parents worked to provide for the family, he was frustrated as he went through school. He caught onto the fact that everyone seemed to have the same assumptive nature that when you grew up, you had to pick a career.  Dean recalls thinking that it seemed odd and it felt like a form of programming. It didn’t make sense to him to pick a pursuit and have that pursuit determine his lifestyle. It made more sense to him to identify what kind of lifestyle he desired to live and to then pursue the people who had that lifestyle and hopefully convince them to mentor you.

Dean and Marcie believe that most people understand that who you know is more important than what you know, but that very few people put that into practice in how they lead their lives. Through doors being opened for them over the past number of years, Dean and Marcie have associated themselves with people who have helped develop their minds, emotions, and spirituality. Dean and Marcie often refer to mentorship as ‘marketplace parenting.’ They also see it as the process of helping people develop in those areas as very few people ever do.

The Whalens have realized that though almost everyone has parents or guardians in some way while growing up to help shape them and inform experiences, they think that once they’ve grown up, they no longer need someone to guide them. That’s simply not the case. Though those individuals may not need ‘parenting’ anymore, they certainly still need a guiding influence. Dean and Marcie believe that everyone has the ability to choose who influences them, and because so many people aren’t as vigilant about that fact, they end up living an accidental life instead of a purpose driven life. It’s their aim to help others find that purpose for themselves.

Dean and Marcie WhalenHolistic Freedom