Enjoying Outdoor Family Activities Together 

by | Sep 4, 2023 | Family

Time out in nature, for kids and adults alike, offers incredible short-term and life-long benefits. From improved sleep, emotional wellbeing, immune health, and more, the benefits of being outdoors are undeniable. And with “family” being one of our top core life values, we’ve compiled seven outdoor family activities that you can do TOGETHER!  

A family walks through a grassy path with leaves in the foreground.

Seven Outdoor Family Activities to Enjoy Together 

Have you ever heard of the 1,000 Hours Outside™ challenge? This challenge was created to encourage outdoor free play for kids, given its many benefits. The creators of 1,000 Hours Outside gained inspiration from pediatric occupational therapist, Angela Hanscom, who says that “kids of all ages should get at least three hours of free play outdoors a day.” 

The challenge here is to get outside for at least 1,000 hours over the course of a year, as a family! You can head to their website to download free trackers so that your family can participate in this challenge together. 

Let’s make it a family affair and join them! Without further ado, here are seven outdoor family activities to help you get outside more! 

1. Go on walks. 

This one may seem obvious but heading out on a quick (or long) walk may be the easiest way to get outdoors. Without the need to plan or prep for a neighborhood walk, it offers a way to get a breath of fresh air as a family. Make it more of a game by creating a scavenger hunt along the way! Make a list of things you might see in your neighborhood and keep the kids on the lookout during your walk. 

A girl swings on a swing set.

2. Head to a local park. 

Another low maintenance outdoor family activity is to head to a local park for play time. The key here is to get involved and play together! Push them on the swings, play tag, or even “the floor is lava” which is always a hit with the kids. 

3. Go hiking or biking. 

Nature is always good for the soul. Going for a family hike or bike ride will not only get you outside, but you’ll also be able to enjoy nature in all its glory.  

A little girl stands in a greenhouse tending to plants with a blue watering can in her hand.

4. Start a garden 

Plant a garden together! And if you don’t have space for your own garden head to your local government website to get involved in a community garden. Not only is gardening a fun way to get outside, but it’s also an amazing learning opportunity for your kids, AND you get to grow your own food! It’s fun and rewarding! 

5. Have a picnic. 

Pack up a picnic or set down a blanket in your own yard … either way, you’ll combine a family meal with the outdoors, and that’s a win-win! Soak in the sunshine or bundle up on a cool fall day. You can picnic outside in almost any season. 

Two people look up at the stars in the night sky.

6. Go stargazing. 

Getting outside isn’t just a daytime activity! Have you ever experienced the beauty of stargazing out in nature? Pack your car with blankets and try your best to drive away from the city lights. Park your car, lay out your blankets, and gaze up at the dark night sky together. Look for constellations and shooting stars, and be wowed! 

7. Free play. 

Don’t forget that free play is always on the table! Let the kids free in the front or backyard and allow them to get creative with free play. You’d be amazed at the adventures they come up with in their own backyard. Join them in their world. It’s magical! 

Get Outside More TOGETHER! 

Whether you get to 1,000 hours or not, the point we’re trying to make is to make the outdoors a priority. Hopefully these outdoor family activities will encourage you to get outside more often and have fun exploring together! 

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