Why Pushing Past Your Limits is Important 

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Life Coaching

Only you have control over the limits that you set for yourself. But are you pushing past your limits or setting a low bar for yourself? It may feel nice and cozy in your comfort zone, but we’re sharing five reasons why you should consider reevaluating your goals and dreams to be sure they are driving and inspiring you to do hard things.  

A person holds up a rock with the word “believe” engraved on it in gold.

You start believing. 

Believing in yourself is where it starts. Your mindset will make or break your shot at success. But what’s so amazing about stepping outside of the box and gaining confidence in your skills is that you start to believe more and more! Your dreams get bigger and bigger! 

You level up. 

How do you achieve a goal that is so big that it scares you? You level up. You acquire knowledge, practice your skills, and you push past what you thought your limitations were. You’ll begin to prove to yourself that you have what it takes! One of our favorite ways to level up is by reading. Here is a list of books that are sure to inspire you to take action: 

A hiker walks along a log.

You gain confidence. 

When you’re pushing past your limits, you’ll begin to gain confidence because your belief in yourself and your skills will continue to grow. As you start to accomplish smaller goals, you’ll visualize yourself achieving bigger and grander goals in the future. 

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You begin to thrive rather than survive. 

One of the best parts about going beyond what you imagined is that you begin to soar! Every area of your life will be impacted for the better because of your work ethic and your drive to be better and do better. 

When you’re thriving, others will notice. 

Multiple sets of footprints are imprinted in the sand along a shoreline.

You inspire those around you. 

Pushing past your limits is contagious. When you follow through and show you can do it, you’ll inspire those around you to do the same. This creates a ripple effect and makes an impact that lives beyond your lifetime. That’s what legacy is all about.  

Want to know the coolest part about all of this? It’s a cyclical pattern. Watching others dream big brings you right back to the beginning … you’ll believe BIGGER and start the whole process over again. 

Are you pushing past your limits? 

Are you convinced? Pushing past your limits propels you to thrive, inspire, and build a legacy. If you’re reading this and hope for the confidence to achieve everything you dreamed of, we want you to know that YOU CAN! 

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