Three Secrets to Success in All Areas of Life 

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Life Coaching

We’re so grateful for the successes we’ve experienced in our lives, but we must admit, they didn’t come without growing pains. We’ve learned many lessons over the course of our entrepreneurial journey, and we want to share these secrets to success with you. 

You may come to find out, however, that these aren’t secrets as much as they are simple disciplines. So, we hope that what we share encourages you to push forward! 

1. Have a Willingness to …

A black and white image of a brick wall with a framed piece of wall art on it that reads, “Work hard, dream big.”

The first secret to success is simply a “willingness” to achieve greatness.  But there is a bit more to it than that. You can “want” to accomplish big goals, but that desire must be backed up by action. Here are three areas in which your willingness (turned into action) will help you succeed. 

… work hard. 

We doubt anyone believes that you will achieve a successful life by sitting on your couch. But building an epic life—whether personal or professional—requires an extra level of hard work. Unlock that drive to work hard by finding your deeply rooted “why.” The reason you embark on a journey should move you into action! 

… delay gratification. 

Delayed gratification is defined by Brittanica as “the act of resisting an impulse to take an immediately available reward in the hope of obtaining a more-valued reward in the future. The ability to delay gratification is essential to self-regulation, or self-control.”  

This is a concept that we talk about often in the entrepreneurial world but having the willingness to delay gratification will positively impact all areas of your life. Developing the skill to say “no” to desire now, like having ice cream every day for instance, will reap greater rewards in the future, like being healthy as you age. 

Apply delayed gratification in your business, and you’ve just unlocked one of the key secrets to success! 

… grow. 

Every new level of business and life requires us to rise to a new level of ourselves. We must grow as a person in order to achieve our big goals and dreams. Personal growth is a never-ending adventure where you get to discover more about yourself than you ever imagined, and every bit of the journey is exciting and gratifying. 

2. Be full of gratitude.

A woman sits on the shore of a beach at sunset with her arms raised up in the air.

Practicing gratitude plays a big role in leading a successful life because it keeps us in a positive mindset. And we believe that thinking positively is a key to personal growth on many levels. Let’s dive a little deeper into the importance of being grateful. 

Gratitude helps eliminate the victim mentality. 

According to this Very Well article on victim mentality, those with a victim mentality hold three beliefs: 

  • Bad things have happened in the past and will continue to happen to you. 
  • Others are to blame for your misfortune. 
  • There is no point in trying to make a change because it will not work. 

When we make gratitude a regular practice in our lives, it gets more difficult to stay in that victim mentality. 

Gratitude removes us from the comparison mindset. 

When you’re going after big goals, we admit, it’s not easy to stay focused on your own journey. There will always be someone around you who is further along. So, let’s avoid getting sucked into comparison by being grateful for where we’re at and appreciating every moment. 

Gratitude opposes pessimism. 

When we’re grateful for the life we lead, the beautiful people in it, and the material things we’ve been blessed with, it’s hard to be a pessimist. Recognizing that our cup overflows opens up our hearts to the good in this world and our arms to more good things to come. 

3. Have a work before play mentality.

A piece of paper in front of a pink background reads, “if you find some motivation lying on the ground please give it back, it’s mine.”

Procrastination is in direct opposition to success. The more you push off hard work, delayed gratification, practicing gratitude, and other necessary tasks, the longer it’s going to take to reach your goals. 

Stay motivated by creating a dream board, making sure your “why” is rock solid, and staying plugged in to positive input by attending events, reading books, and listening to audios!  

Need more ideas on how to combat procrastination? Check out this blog post on “Creating a Routine to Crush Procrastination.” 

The secrets to success aren’t a mystery. 

As mentioned, these secrets to success are not so secret after all. Have a willingness to achieve an epic life, be grateful for the journey you’re on, and work hard before you play hard!  

Taking that big leap of faith to go after your dreams requires you to embrace growth. Check out our blog on “Three Signs That You’re Growing As A Person.” We think you’ll enjoy it!