Three Simple Ways to Combat Anxiety 

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Life Coaching

Real life is hard, and really tough things happen. We understand that hardships, and even tragedies, occur in our lives, and sometimes it’s more than we can bear alone. We want to say right away that this isn’t the type of anxiety we’re talking about in this blog. What we do want to share with you are simple ways to combat anxiety that has helped us with the “every day”—and even self-inflicted—stressors that cause feelings of overwhelm and uneasiness. *Please note the health disclaimer at the bottom of this blog.* 

We hope these strategies help you the way they’ve helped us. 

1. Determine the root cause. 

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One of the most helpful tips we have when it comes to dealing with anxiety is to determine the root cause so that you can decide which ways to combat anxiety appropriately. In our experience, the root cause of anxiety came from two different places: lack of control and fear of the unknown. Let’s dive a little deeper into these. 

Lack of control 

How do you know if the source of your anxiety is from a lack of control? Here are a few key indicators: 

  • You feel like things aren’t going your way. 
  • You’re not getting what you want out of a given scenario. 
  • A situation is out of your hands and up to someone or something else. 

If these are the general worries you are having, then a lack of control may be the source. So, what do we do instead? First of all, we must surrender to the fact that the situation is out of our control. And then we’ve found it helpful to focus on what we DO have control over.  

What am I in control of? 

  • My attitude 
  • My gratitude 
  • My spirit and mindset 
  • How hard I work 
  • How I react 

According to Healthline™, the idea of losing control is a legitimate fear, so have grace for yourself when you recognize it as the root cause of your anxiety. Surrender what you can’t control and refocus on what you can control and see how that helps. 

Fear of the unknown 

Another clear root cause of anxiety is fear of the unknown. When we worry about the future, it takes up so much negative space in our minds and hearts.  

  • What is the worst-case scenario? 
  • What am I afraid of? 

The best advice we have here is to recognize and surrender. And if you’re a person of faith, like we are, you can release these fears in prayer.  

We’ve also found this great article by Harvard Business Review on “How to Overcome Your Fear of the Unknown” if you’d like to dig a little deeper on that topic. 

2. Be aware of negative and toxic input. 

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As we mentioned, the cause of our day-to-day anxiety may be self-inflicted. What we mean by this is that our environment and input can have a profound effect on our anxious thoughts and feelings, so it’s important to be aware of what we are feeding our minds.  

If you find yourself dealing with mild anxieties, assess the content that you are consuming.  

Here are examples of potentially unfavorable content that may be affecting your mind: 

  • Negative, sad, or scary news articles or broadcasts 
  • Scrolling social media for long amounts of time 
  • Checking out the comment section of a negative or controversial post 
  • Keeping toxic people in your life 

Take the time to evaluate and remove these self-inflicting stressors from your life.  

3. Connect with the positive. 

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On the flip side, combat that negative environment with a positive one. Connect with things, people, and environments that are good and lovely. It’s amazing how being intentional with this can turn anxious feelings around.  

Here are some ideas on how to connect with the positive: 

  • Turn off your phone for an entire 24 hours. 
  • Get out in nature and breathe in the fresh air. 
  • Fuel your body and mind with healthy food and supplements. 
  • Get a good night’s rest. 
  • Spend quality time with your family and loved ones. 

Another practice you can try when you’re battling an anxious moment is to do the 333 Rule for Anxiety. In short, these three quick steps include: 

  • Naming 3 things you see 
  • Identifying 3 sounds you hear 
  • Moving or touching 3 things, such as your limbs or external objects 

You can check it out that blog for other ways to deal with anxiety. 

Ways to combat anxiety in a nutshell. 

To summarize, if you’re looking for ways to combat anxiety, work on discovering the source of it, releasing and surrendering it, and refocusing on positive and pure thoughts and input. 

Our mission on this blog platform is to empower, encourage, and equip. If you want more tips on dealing with life’s difficulties, check out this post on “Four Ways to Reframe and Overcome the Fear of Failure.” 

*Health Disclaimer 

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